How We Got Started

Village Creek Organics is located in the piney woods of Southeast Texas. Village Creek Organics is a small family farm that started out of a desire to raise our own food naturally without all the added chemicals that you find from buying produce at the local store.

We grow our gourmet garlic using all natural organic methods, with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. We have rare varieties of gourmet garlic that originated from all over the world.  And all of our garlic must make it through the cold wet winters as well as the hot humid spring and summers of Southeast Texas. Like all struggling small farms, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature to bring our crops in for harvest. Every clove is planted by hand, and every bulb is in turn harvested by hand.

However, a home developer has developed a subdivision on our back fence line and brought in many loads of dirt to build up the property for home sites. In doing so he has cut off our natural flow of drainage, making conventional row farming for root crops (garlic) a soggy and muddy mess. For a place that gets over 60 inches of rainfall a year, good drainage is essential for a good garlic farm. The local county powers that be, have sided with the home developer and allowed the obstruction of our flow of drainage water. It is our opinion that this goes against the state of Texas water code, so if anyone knows of a good (and free) attorney please let us know.

So we have had no other choice that to start installing raised beds to try and salvage our garlic farm. This is a costly venture that will take several years, and as a result our production will be limited until all the raised beds are completed. So as a result of lower production, our beautiful garlic tends to sell out fast.

We are a very small, family operated farm/business committed to providing our customers with the finest organic garlic of exceptional quality. No matter if you are buying to plant a garlic bed, or looking for an excellent garlic to push your next favorite date night dinner to the next level, we hope that you enjoy our online store. Our shopping cart and checkout are secure, and we accept Credit Cards as well as Paypal.